28 Jan

Of MICE and Birds

The early bird may get the worm, but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

~Jeremy Paxman

In my spare time, I have become a member of a rather interesting “fraternity”. I use that phrase only because the bulk of the members are indeed men, although there are certainly some female members about. I find it a very interesting group of people. We can spot each other a long way away and always stop for a chat before going on about our day’s business. Relationships are sometimes fleeting and sometimes lasting but the information that we exchange is vital to our “work”.

No, I am not talking about the MICE industry but the bird-watching world. Why, you may ask, am I talking about bird watching (the kind with feathers that fly)? Because every time that I am out in the fields or on the shoreline watching birds and someone stops to talk to me or I stop to talk to them I think of how similar MICE and Birding really are.

Information exchange is the key to success in both. In the Birding world, we almost always start out conversations with, “Have you seen anything good today?”  In the MICE Industry, we talk about new venue offerings, new catering options, new DMCs or new EventTech. Evenings in both are also spent socializing and sharing knowledge, be it at a roundtable on new options in Registration Apps or Native Birds of Borneo.

The international nature of the two is also a factor – both MICE and Birding are international activities with meetings and events helps all over the world with people watching our feathered friends on equally as global a basis. While it is possible to do both online – it just isn’t the same as being physically at a meeting or looking out of your own binoculars.

The important factor in both is that sharing of information.  In the MICE world, we often work together as small organizations, teams of small companies or large companies working with various suppliers of several different varieties.

Dezika was created to help streamline the work between the buyers and suppliers of our industry. Our work starts after the contract is signed. We aren’t a third party, we won’t interfere with your events or clients (on either buyer or supplier side). We work with both to make the often frustrating (for both sides) commission process smoother, easier and far less painful.

In this day and age of automation isn’t it time for you to join Dezika and let us automate your commission collection/distribution process??

For information – Rachellejv@dezika.com


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