27 Mar

Never Shy and Rarely Retiring

I won‘t retire. I’ll just escape . . .

Escape the routine 9 to 5.

Sort through my pile of paperwork

And just do that on which I thrive.

~Elinor Nuxoll 

We just returned from a week in Cornwall where we plan to retire someday. A different one of my lives outside of Dezika is working as one of the Co-Founders of Forwards From Fifty. Our raison d’etre is to work with people in mid-life who are making major career changes. Few of us in the MICE Industry retire completely or easily for that matter, but a lot of us come up with new plans for the way we want to live and work.

During my travels around the world I have discovered people – both former buyers and suppliers – who have taken their experience in the MICE world and turned dreams from their work into reality.

In Cornwall, we stayed at the fabulous Taskus Barns (http://www.taskusbarns.com/). Taskus are two barns that have been redone to a spectacular standard. Every comfort and need has been thought of from super well-equipped kitchens with Sabatier knives to the most incredibly luxurious blanket to snuggle under watching TV, a DVD, reading a book or just enjoying a glass of wine. The list goes on and on.

Who runs Taskus?  Judi Wildeman, the proprietor, ran an events agency with her husband for many years before taking the plunge and retiring to Cornwall.  When chatting with Judi she told me that a lot of what she has done with the barns is out of her experiences staying in some of the best hotels in the world.

Several years ago, I stumbled into a gem of a little boutique hotel in Seam Reap, Cambodia.  I sat with the MD/owner of the property in his bar late one night chatting over a beer.  He was a lovely Frenchman who had had a long career working for Accor in France and in Southeast Asia. The tiny boutique hotel was his dream. I can assure you that he ran it like a dream as well. Everything was up to the standards of a 5-star hotel but for £25 a night.

Others in our industry take the entrepreneurial route, setting up new cutting edge businesses despite being over 50. Ian Quartermaine, who I have known and worked with on and off for many years did just that with Dezika. He saw that there was a gap in the market when it came to automated commission in the MICE industry and he went for it. Working with Jeff Devine and the team at CTS Systems they created Dezika.

For more information on Dezika – Rachellejv@dezika.com


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