11 Jan


Desire is the key to motivation,

but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal –

a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.

~Mario Andretti

When I was in graduate school I took, a course called “Motivating Adults to Learn”. Let’s set the scene for a minute so that you get the full irony of this.  We were a class of 30 people studying Adult Education and Training at MAEd level. We all worked full time and most of us had additional part time jobs. Many had families as well.  Class was held from 20:40 to 22:50 – which was after a full day’s work.

What do I remember from the class – not much.  Most of us dozed through it as being motivational doesn’t work particularly well when your audience is half dead.

Motivation is one of those issues that seems to go part and parcel with the new year when many make new year’s resolutions to get more done in a timelier manner. While I don’t particularly believe in resolutions, I prefer to just get myself organized and get on with the job, I know that they do mean a lot to many people.

There are always tasks that we all put off or wish we had never heard of.  You know the ones, the boring, mundane and sometimes hair pulling ones.  Tasks like chasing and paying commission. While as the MD of Venue Guru, I know that my income from the company is commission dependent it doesn’t mean that I enjoy the process of:

·        Pickup

·        Invoicing

·        Chasing

·        Chasing

·        And Chasing for payment

I also could do without having to queue in the bank when venues pay by cheque, especially if it is a small one. My local bank branch is always chock a block with the old dears who come in to deposit £50 at a time – in pennies.

Did you know that as a buyer or a supplier that you don’t need to do most of this work for yourself any more. That’s right – you can still pay your buyers or invoice your suppliers for commission without all the hassle, hair pulling and tedium.

How????  Let Dezika do it for you!!

As a New Year offer – we will give you a three-month free trial of our services. We work globally and can assist companies, venues and anyone else in the MICE market that deals with commission either being paid it or paying it. Why not give it a go? Free is always a good way to find out if it will work for you.

For further information and to join – Rachellejv@dezika.com


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