Who is behind Dezika?

The founders and directors are senior Meetings & Events and technology & payment professionals from the travel industry.  All the directors have experience managing multi-million dollar global organizations. They recognized a need within the independent meeting professional community for a range of services which have not been utilized within other sectors of the travel business until now!

How does the commission collection system work?

Dezika utilizes a new online reconciliation, reporting and payment platform, which was created in close association with CTS Systems, one of the world’s preeminent companies in global commission and payment systems. CTS Systems handles more than US$7 billion in revenues and more than 45 million transactions annually.

 Why do you charge a monthly fee as well as commissions?

The reason for the small monthly subscription is to cover the costs of ongoing administrative expenses as well as a growing suite of membership benefits. Our aim is to make sure we can cover the systems costs that enable us to keep the commission share as low as possible. On the supplier side, we recognize the need for value, hence we utilize payment caps on fees by property,

How will the hotel companies know it is my company that has booked the meeting and not Dezika?

If the hotel is not a member of Dezika, we will use our IATA number for the collection process, but your company is featured in the hotel contract and in our Dezika system so that the hotels know you are behind the sale. If only your client is on the contract that isn’t a problem; you just mark it as such when you upload the contract. It is no different than a travel agency group carrying out the collection, but identifying the branch that did the transaction.  Access to comprehensive reporting management will help you track your commissions.

When do I get paid?

As a standard practice, Dezika will pay out earnings within 30 days of receiving all of its commission receivables from the contracted hotels/vendors.  This timeline will allow for administrative processing and auditing for accurate collections and payables.

What does the audit service involve?

The Dezika team recognizes that, in some instances, the commission, or sleeping room pick-up, may not meet the expectations of the Dezika buyer’s room night forecast. In such cases we offer full forensic audit services.  There will be an additional fee or commission share for these services, which will be discussed on an individual basis.

Do I have to use a specific RFP tool?

No, you are free to choose any RFP tool you wish or simply use email if that is what you prefer.

What happens if I book over the earning threshold for the next level or vice versa?

We monitor all buyer client levels and if you exceed or are below your minimum for two consecutive quarters, we will adjust your membership level. You will then have the right to use the next level of Dezika privileges.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, of course, but we would rather you call us first to see if we can help.  There is a 90-day notice period as outlined in the cancellation policy. You will be paid all commissions entered into the system until the time of cancellation.

Is there a code of conduct for all members?

Yes, please refer to the membership application’s terms and conditions of membership located on the Dezika website.

How does Dezika protect my brand/value?

Unlike some organizations who require exclusivity to their brand or insist you operate under their brand, Dezika is a client-based system. You use your own brand and identity.  By growing within the Dezika community, you are able to demonstrate your standing in the industry and show your clients that you belong to a community of industry professionals. This professional integrity allows our clients to grow and be recognized, allowing for greater growth and success! You are welcome to use the Dezika logo on your website or on your business cards.

Do I compete with other members of Dezika?

As with any professional business service organization, there are natural competitors that participate in the organization.  That said, Dezika allows for greater networking opportunities among its clients and provides an environment that fosters team-building among its clients.