20 Mar

Cogitating in Cornwall

This week I am working from Cornwall. This must be one of my favourite places in the world – the bottom bit, below Hayle on one side and Helston on the other (but not the Lizard). This is rough, rocky, granite filled country, very like my beloved White Mountains of New Hampshire, although not nearly as high.

Coming down to work from here as well as spending time walking and bird watching is how I clear my head out, prioritize life and figure out how to keep moving forwards with all six of my work projects (all different companies). I play with new software, read a lot of good industry and non-industry press, and just work out how the next weeks or months are going to work.

It does me good; despite putting in a few hours of work a day I find the change of scenery and the fresh air give me a new spin on life.

The cottage that we are staying in this week is old and stone built with low ceilings. The window panes are a good foot from the end of the indoor window sill. All very strong, comforting and reassuring. It can be blowing a gale and pouring and we are warm, snug, and secure inside our tiny stone fortress.

While I am down here in Cornwall where phone service is patchy, as is the Wi-Fi from time to time, it is nice to know that I have colleagues from all my posts keeping an eye on things for me. That peace of mind is made even more secure by knowing that I have Dezika taking care of my commissions.   I don’t have to worry about using any of my “me” time about chasing for my commissions.

After all, I would rather be out chasing after unusual birds – this morning scored a juvenile Bonaparte’s Gull and a lot of low flying raptors, as well as over 100 seals sleeping on the beach below Godreavy Head.

Wouldn’t you like to have the kind of peace of mind that allows you to enjoy that sort of thing as well?

To learn how – contact me at Rachellejv@dezika.com



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