22 Aug

Being a Serial Entrepreneur

The day before something is a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea.
~Peter Diamandis

I admit it – I am indeed a serial entrepreneur. This kind of lifestyle – I have 6 companies that I am involved in as well as two wonderful women’s networks that take up time as well – it is crazy. My days are long and I tend to work on Sundays but I LOVE pretty much every minute of it.

It’s funny. We always think that we are inventing something new. The term “serial entrepreneur” came about in the last few years during the rise of the Start Up movement. Last night I was thinking about it and realized that it isn’t new at all – my grandfather was a serial entrepreneur. At the turn of the last century he owned a gas (petrol) station, a Furriers shop (it wasn’t politically incorrect at that time), and a tailor shop as well. That, along with several voluntary positions, certainly made him a serial entrepreneur.

Yesterday I got my act together and finally edited my LinkedIn page. With just short of 12,000 followers, when I do add something I get lots of email. This time I added my newest company that I co-founded with Sebastiaan Douma about 5 months ago called Venue Success. We offer bespoke training for any size venue that wants to win more business by sharpening up their reactive sales and site visits.

When I put Venue Success up my LinkedIn immediately moved my work life around in a rather arbitrary way. I could list some of my projects but not all in the space given. What I couldn’t do was move the companies into the order that I want them shown.

In an ideal world, it would look like this:

· Dezika

· Venue Success

· Forwards From Fifty

· Venue Guru International

· Heirloom Heritage Tours

· Interns…

with my two wonderful women’s groups, NOI and Blooming Founders, fitting in there are well but sadly LinkedIn just isn’t yet geared up to serials.

I am often asked how I manage to juggle all of the above as well as walk long-distance paths, bake my own bread and spend the odd bit of time with my other half.

The answer is that I look for ways to make life easier. I do indeed bake my own bread but I let my bread machine do the heavy lifting on the dough setting and then take it out, shape it and bake it.

With commission, which is a time consuming and annoying issue, I let Dezika do the heavy lifting for me.

To learn more about Dezika or any of my other companies email me on Rachellejv@Dezika.com.


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