A Commission Collection Service

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We offer business service solutions for the Meetings and Events industry

Powered by CTS Systems, a global leader in travel reconciliation and payment technologies

We are dezika

We provide core services that not only add value but provide increased resources, business intelligence and the power of cutting edge technology to your business, whether a supplier or a buyer.


  • – A commission clearing house which provides core value and increased operational efficiency
  • – Commission reconciliation and payment system: we will handle all of your meetings and events commission from contract to final payment
  • – Data transparency – audit and strategic reporting
  • – Business intelligence, peer-to-peer competitive comparison
  • – Enhanced marketing presence in the meeting and event space



  • – Free up time and resources to concentrate on your core business – smart people doing smart things
  • – Upload the contract, we will do the rest
  • – Total data transparency 24/7 with automated platform
  • – Audit and strategic reporting
  • – Revenue gains, get paid quicker – real value
  • – Industry recognition – for the value you provide
  • – Global reach from Alaska to Zimbabwe
  • – Financial benefits from our global banking platform




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